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Fostering Questions & Answers

Frequently Asked Questions about Fostering

Do I have to let the child’s family into my house?

Most of the children we have in placement see their family away from the foster home. If they are safe and suitable people to visit their child in your home this can be reassuring to them and the child and you may be asked to agree to it.

Do I get to choose which children come to live with me?

Yes, it is your home and you will always have the last word on who lives there. Your assessment will clarify the age and numbers of children for your approval and you will get all the available information to help you decide which children will be happy with you.

How long will it be before a child is placed with me?

The training and assessment process involves a residential weekend, eight to ten visits to your home, references, police checks and a full report to the fostering panel. This is hard to achieve in less than four months and more typically takes six months. Because we believe matching the carer with the child is very important, time will be taken to place the right child with you. Read more about the process of becoming a foster parent here.

Will I be any good as a foster carer?

We have carers from all walks of life, styles of life, racial backgrounds and from 21 to 60+ years. The main thing is the time, space and experience to cope with children from difficult backgrounds.

What are the children like?

Where Local Authorities are unable to place children with their own foster carers they will approach us. The children are often over eight years and some have had disruptive or abusive childhood experiences. We also help out with younger children in sibling groups.

Who are The Foster Care Co-operative?

How do I know they are a good agency to choose? We are a not-for-profit co-operative and are registered under Fostering Services Regulations (2002) in England and Wales. We are subject to regular inspections to ensure that everything is well run and the children are thriving. Click here for more details on Who We Are.

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