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The Foster Care Co-operative (FCC) is an ethically based UK wide fostering organisation formed in 1999. FCC puts the needs of children first and works to provide a child care service of quality that is delivered with integrity. The agency has grown steadily since its formation with regional offices in Cardiff and Greater Manchester. The Head Office is based in Malvern, Worcestershire. FCC is unique in that it is the only fostering agency in the UK operating under a co-operative structure.

FCC do not make a profit from foster care. Instead, any surplus income they make is re-invested to provide more foster care support and more training for their carers. FCC have no business-related targets to meet, meaning that careful carer-to-child matching is their priority. As a result, their placement stability rate is over six times higher than the national average - meaning that children are more likely to receive the consistent care they need during their time in the care system.

This is how foster care should be.

FCC are a co-operative. The organisation is overseen by board members who have no financial interest in the agency. This means they can stay focused on their prime objective: to put children first above all else.

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Our focus is on the children we care for

We are an ethically based UK wide organisation striving to increase the total number of foster homes by recruiting and training new foster carers. We put the needs of children first and provide a child care service of quality that is delivered with integrity. All our carers are assured of continuing qualified, professional support and good remuneration as they are an integral part of our co-operative! We only invest in you, not in profits for others!


As and when you need it, here are some of the ways we support our Foster Carers

  • Professional Social Worker support provided 24/7.
  • Regular local support groups.
  • Regular professional training.
  • Web Based guidance and administrative support.
  • Education Support Officers available.
  • Health Advice.
  • Transition from Care Support.
  • Home Health and Safety Assessment.
  • Regular Payment in Advance.
  • Expenses paid to enable you to attend training.
  • 14 nights Respite Care.
  • Eligibility for limited support from The Foster Care Co-operative Charity Trust.
  • Membership of Fostering Network.

"Not for Profit"

We are a registered co-operative

We do not make a profit for shareholders, business men or financiers from fostering children! We maintain common ownership principles and are a committed not for distributed profit organisation. As the only co-operative operating in foster care in the UK, any surplus income we make is re-invested to provide more foster care support, more training and goes towards recruiting more foster carers to give more stable, loving homes to more children.

52% of our income is paid directly to our carers.

24% provides the funding for support groups training and training support costs, instructors, carer transport, catering etc.

24% agency costs - insurance, salaries for Social Workers and staff, office overheads, website, advertising etc.

Get in touch

There is a desperate national shortage of foster carers. You don’t have to commit but you may like to learn some more.


There is no quick fix, no short cuts - only quality of service will lead to stable placements

Our carers provide nurturing homes to give the children the stability that will help them to realise their full potential. Our carers live in rural and city areas and come from a wide range of social and cultural backgrounds. What they all have in common is a commitment to the children. The stability of the placements with FCC is 6.5 times higher than the national average. It is currently 2 years, 2 months and 22 days. Many families have achieved more than double this time.

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A company registered in England and Wales, No. 3861213

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