Foster Carer/Children’s Forum

Dear all

I hope you are all well.  I have had the opportunity to meet with some of you recently through training and support groups which has been fantastic, and has allowed me to consult with you on how things are and identify ways in which we can improve.  The past 12 months in post has been exciting due to the amazing roles I see carers do and the dedication you show the children you foster.  For that – THANK YOU.

As an agency we are always seeking ways to improve and give carers a voice.  As a co-operative, this is a key principle and allows everyone to have an impact on ways to improve outcomes for children and the support we give to you.

Part of our plan for the next year is to create a Foster Carer Forum and Children’s Forum.  These forums are a chance for you to consult with me so I can feedback on the agency’s plans and gain feedback from you in regards to ways of improving or identifying what we do well. 

I envisage the Foster Carer Forum to run on a quarterly basis – via separate meetings in the North and South.  I am therefore writing to you to gain any ideas you may have and to look for representatives to attend the meetings.   I would look to starting this in the New Year and run meetings in January, April, July and October. 

I am also looking to have children’s forums across the agency to give children the opportunity to meet with me and gain feedback, as well working together to improve the agency.  This would include things such as the children’s website, children’s guides and competitions.  It is obviously challenging to co-ordinate children coming to meetings so I would be open to suggestions on how best to manage this with the least disruption to children and carers.  I would envisage these meetings to take place twice a year and would be region-based due to travel and impact on the children.  I would also be open to meeting children outside a group setting if felt to be better.  This forum would be open to both birth and looked after children.

Minutes and actions from both forums could be put on the website so everyone can see what was discussed and agreed.

So…..I am asking for volunteers for both carers and children to take part. If you are interested – or have children that would be interested – then please call me on 01684 892380, or email me at

Likewise, if you don’t feel you can attend but have some suggestions or idea then please don’t hesitate to contact me.  If I could have any feedback by the 1st December so we can co-ordinate,  I would be most thankful.  I always welcome feedback at any time from children and carers!


Steve Field
Registered Manager