About the children

What will they be like?

Here is some information about the children we hope you will look after.

How old are the children?

Anywhere from 0 to 18 years. Please refer to us for up to date information. In our experience the greatest need is for carers to look after children over eight years old.

Where do they come from?

We receive referrals from Local Authorities throughout the country. In most cases they will try and place children within 20 miles of home.

Ethnic breakdown

There is a need for carers from all backgrounds so that children can be looked after in a familiar environment and community.

Gender breakdown

As many boys as girls come into the care system and are in need of a caring home.

Sibling Groups

FCC recognises the importance of keeping family groups together so we also need carers who can take sibling groups.

Get in Touch

From England: Call 01684 892380 or email duty@fostercarecooperative.co.uk

From Wales: Call 02920 464348 or email dutycardiff@fostercarecooperative.co.uk