About Us

For children, not profit...

Simply put, we want to make a difference to children’s lives. Children in care are there for a reason, they are hurting and need our help to heal. We want to provide the best possible fostering support so they can overcome their experiences and be happy and successful.

We were disillusioned by what was being offered to children in care, and the support given to foster carers, so back in 1999 we set up as a Co-operative in a small office in Worcestershire. Since then, we have grown into a wide-reaching agency covering large regions of England & Wales.

Our values are in our DNA!

They’re in everything we do, from staff and foster carer recruitment, training and support, right through to the boundless care, love and attention given to the children in our care.

Unlike some agencies, we are not driven by profit. We are ethical and fair and keep the needs of children at the heart of all we do. All our surplus funds are reinvested so that we are able to provide an excellent service, including 24/7 support to our carers – giving children the best possible start in life. We aim high for children’s achievements, promoting and celebrating this in their journey with us.

This is how fostering should be.

Our amazing staff team support our foster carers from day one, providing them with the help and training they need to change children’s lives.

Here is a ‘snapshot’ of our agency:

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(they make us who we are!)


Having a strong moral compass; knowing what is right and wrong and ‘doing the right thing’ with regards to ethical behaviour and decision-making is what defines the Agency and makes us fundamentally who we are.

Examples of what that means for us in a practical sense?

  • Building a culture that supports us all to have the courage to act ethically and with integrity.
  • Ensuring that behavioural standards and codes of ethical conduct are valued and promoted.
  • Putting personal motivations aside and acting with objectivity by doing what is right.
  • Promoting a high degree of engagement and communication which gives us all a sense of belonging and affirmation of our values.

Ambitious For Children

We are ‘for children’ – never for profit; always having high ambitions for their futures and keeping their needs at the heart of our decision making.

Examples of what that means for us in a practical sense?

  • Putting children first is everyone’s responsibility and promoting this above all else in all our decision making.
  • Ensuring we listen to children, encouraging them to express their views, providing opportunities through various mediums to involve children though participation.  
  • At FCC we believe that every child, no matter what their circumstances, should be afforded the best possible start in life, so it’s imperative that our vision to deliver excellent children’s social care goes hand-in-hand with ensuring we are aspirational for the outcome of every child.

Collaborations and Partnerships

We recognise ensuring the best outcomes for children are only achieved through strong partnerships and collaborations within the workplace and with external parties.

Examples of what that means for us in a practical sense?

  • Developing a culture of cooperation and collaboration means that everyone can working alongside one another; it has to be about us working collectively toward a shared goal and putting our own interests aside.
  • Cultivating a mindset of exchanging information, knowledge and resources so that the success of each individual is entirely dependent on the success of all.
  • Proactively encouraging collaborations and partnerships as this can maximise the amount of energy, passion and creativity and joint learning involved in delivering on an idea.
  • Ensure we have structures that allow for ideas to go back and forth, feeding off of each other’s innovation and encouraging creativity and being the catalyst for changes.

Inclusivity & Fairness

We aspire to building a fairer, kinder and more inclusive Agency; regardless of identity, background or circumstance, carers/children/staff all deserve the opportunity to be treated fairly and for our differences, skills and talents to be acknowledged, celebrated and developed in an inclusive environment, so we can all have meaningful engagement and a voice that can be valued and heard.

Examples of what that means for us in a practical sense?

  • At FCC we consult with staff with open, honest and direct communication.
  • We take time to get to know each other and encourage informal relationship building.
  • Empowering staff/carers/children to achieve their goals and objectives.
  • Ensuring our policy, procedures and practices promote transparency, kindness and fairness and recognising this can lead to a beneficial cycle of staff/carer/child engagement.
  • Continuously improving the Agency culture, leading to improved morale and satisfaction and ensuring that everyone feels respected, valued, and trusted.
  • Investing in continuous professional development for all staff and carers.



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