Staying Safe Online – Foster Parent Guides

If you are planning to give electronic gadgets to your children this year, or if you are simply aware of an increase of time spent online, check out these parent guides designed to help you keep kids safe in a digital world.

“Online safety is when young people know who they can tell if they feel upset by something that has happened online.”

Parent’s Guides from Skips Educational/Skips Safety Net

1. A Parent’s Guide to Social Media

2. A Parent’s Guide to Gaming

3. A Parent’s Guide to Sharing Pictures

4. A Parent’s Guide to Online Influencers

5. A Parent’s Guide to Privacy Settings

These guides were developed in collaboration with Home Office Prevent and West Midlands Police and Crime Commission as part of a vital way of keeping children safe online.

If you are concerned with anything you or your child has seen or has been asked to do, ore guides Skips Safety Net offers sites to understand safe ways to seek support – find out more via this link: Skips Seek Support