At Ease: FCC CEO stands down

We said a fond farewell to our CEO, Ian ‘The Colonel’ Brazier last week!

Ian retired after a celebratory lunch at FCC headquarters in Malvern, attended by staff and foster carers.  We even managed to source the correct marching music from his days in the army!

Ian helmed the FCC ship for 9 years.  In that time he solidified FCC as an ethical, transparent, not-for-profit organisation. Always cheerful and upbeat, Ian was always a problem solver, and built morale with his infectious optimism. His knowledge of business and contracts ensured that FCC marched on (excuse the pun), achieving many accolades, including an Inspiring Co-operative of the Year award.

Ian always knew how to get the very best from his staff – and he encouraged input from all staff members every step of the way, without exception.   Ian never micro-managed – he just managed well.  One of his most endearing qualities was the praise he heaped on individuals who had done a particularly good job.  There was never any doubt that this man was proud of FCC, and this pride was truly infectious.

As Executive Director, Ian was truly inspirational.  One day he would be attending Local Authority meetings, the next he would be participating in an activity day for our carers and their children.  He didn’t behave like an Executive Director – and that was the key to his success.  

Ian has left an indelible mark here at The Foster Care Co-operative, and will be truly missed by everyone.

Thank you Ian, for everything!