Martin Luther King homework

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Here at The Foster Care Co-operative, we love to celebrate the achievements of the children we provide care for.  We’ve been humbled and moved by the hard work, dedication and creativity displayed by all – particularly in these extraordinary times we find ourselves in.  We regularly post ‘well done’ messages within our dedicated intranets for both foster carers and young people.

However, it is time for a very special mention.  Alex, who is eleven years old, has produced some breathtaking homework that simply needs to be read by everyone.  She kindly gave her permission for it to be published. 

The piece of homework is entitled ‘Martin Luther King Jr.’. We were impressed by the design and the way it was written – but also by Alex’s moving and heartfelt reasoning for choosing to write about her subject.  She also makes references to the George Floyd tragedy and the #blacklivesmatter movement.  Not only is it a fantastic piece of work in its own right, but it is something that is totally relevant to our times.

Amazing work, Alex.  You should be very proud.

Here is her piece of writing in full.  You can also view a copy here.